South Arm Primary School is on a peninsula on the eastern side of the entrance to the Derwent estuary, approximately 40 km from the city centre of Hobart. The area was established soon after the settlement of Hobart town in 1803.
South Arm is a peaceful and scenic area in close proximity to a variety of beaches and waterways.
The school has had several locations and has been on its current site for 92 years. For many years there were only a small number of students attending the school as it was primarily a rural area with many holiday houses and weekenders situated on the beaches.  But as roads and transport improved, the number of people choosing to live in South Arm, neighbouring Opossum Bay and Sandford increased. 
Many people who live in the community travel to Hobart daily for employment.
The school currently has 120 students enrolled at the school, catering for Grades Kinder to Six.    
According to past students from the school,  South Arm Primary:
  • is welcoming
  • is small enough for everybody to know each other, and everyone looks after each other
  • is quiet with lots of space
  • has a great environment on a beautiful peninsula
  • is surrounded by trees and plants and a short walk from the beach
  • has friendly, caring teachers who explain things in a way that students can understand
  • has friendly, helpful teacher aides and office staff
  • has a groundsman who does a lot for all the students and teachers
They also believe that the students:
  • are encouraged to reach their potential in all areas of learning
  • feel safe and supported
  • are thoughtful and friendly.